Reverse Engineering

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You may have already heard the term reverse engineering but you are unsure about its meaning. There are several things that are involved in reverse engineering and one of which is the analysis of a certain structure of a certain device or even a program.

In computer programming, reverse engineering technology is when a certain program tries to find out the source code of a program just by analyzing its processes and functions. This is helpful if you are trying to create better and more efficient software based on a particular program.

Reverse engineering is actually being used by the military to develop weapons and other military stuff which could strengthen both their defense and offense. An example of this is when the US military have captured a German invention called "Jerry can" or the fuel container that you often see. US military then studied the jerry can's structure in order for them to create a better model.

In automation, reverse engineering is also being used to identify the structure of a certain system. This is helpful if there is no blueprint or a master plan. In other words, reverse engineering is a process which helps people identifies the actual processes, components, ingredients, and etcetera of a certain device, program, or a structure in order to create a better one.

Reverse engineering is also being used in digital correction of a particular stuff. In other words, reverse engineering is not only limited to mechanical and software stuff; it is also applicable to designers especially in making alterations, corrections, and other processes. Reverse engineering is also being used for learning purposes especially among students who are trying to learn the structure of a particular system all by themselves. Reverse engineering is called such because you are starting from the last procedure and ends at the beginning.


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Reverse Engineering

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This article was published on 2010/12/30